5 reasons why it is so difficult to find really good man

    The psychologist called the main female mistakes in search of the partner in life.

    To meet the worthy person – desire which is similar to an impracticable task. Why it is so difficult to find the good man and to meet the person? Let’s sort the main reasons why it is difficult to find the good man.

    1. You are looking at the wrong places

    If for you the ideal man is the house, economic and loving children intellectual, then it will be strange to look for such man in clubs or bars. And if you choose exclusively similar platforms for acquaintance, then search of the ideal turns into an impracticable mission. Many girls make a mistake thinking that they will find their partner in Live Jasmine chat rooms, but these men only want intimate things and nothing more.

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    2. You are not ready for relationship with “real man”

    Let’s say you marked out criteria of the real man where both beauty, and fidelity, and surprising intelligence get. Here, unfortunately, it is necessary to understand that when you expose criteria, you also have to offer something. And the more requirements you impose on the man, the more requirements will be also to you. Unfortunately, certainly we are loved and only parents accept, in other cases of the partner choose.

    3. You have distorted criteria of “real man”

    The most frequent case when the woman imagines the ideal man and brings such criteria which are impracticable in this framework or contradict each other. The most frequent contradiction – he has to hold a high position, to be provided, sports and at the same time to spend with me 24 hours a day and to take the call each five minutes. Alas, it is impossible to put all this together physically. So, it is necessary to choose that for you is more main, but not to believe in the prince charming who earns millions by force of thought and all the time devotes to you.

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    4. You look for the man by an example of girlfriends or cinema, but not in what you really need

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    You listen to girlfriends, watch movies and create an image of an ideal. And further you spend huge amount of time for its search. It is not necessary to be the fortuneteller to understand that you are waited only by series of disappointments. And only it was worth listening to himself and to think, you want actually passionate brutal from the movie or you need the kind and sensitive man.

    5.  You want things fast

    You rush out of the frying pan into the fire. You try a huge number of a relationship, you get acquainted on dating websites, and in a week at you on several appointments. Unfortunately, then there is more haste and vanity, than it is more than partners and availability of their change, that high probability that you will not be able to find to yourself your ideal man. He will just get lost in series of uninteresting and boring applicants for your heart.

    So that to meet the real and good man, it is necessary to stop it to look for. And to take care of the own life, the life, by the development and to stop being focused on the idea of acquaintance as fixed idea. At the same time, even if you the introvert with an experience, go and communicate, you get on in the world, on actions, communicate with friends – not to find someone, and for the personal pleasure and the interests. And then it, the best and real, will find you.

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